About Us


Specializing in Truckline Salvage

  QSI has a vast knowledge of the OS&D industry. We have had the benefit of significant experience in handling the motor freight carriers full-service salvage needs since our inception. Furthermore, one of our founders has been directly involved in motor freight carrier salvage sales, through his family, for his entire lifetime. We understand not only the needs of a company such as ourselves but the need for a company such as ourself to provide our customers with both service and commitment to excellence. QSI has a history of excellence providing our services to carriers. However, our customer satisfaction is perhaps the best indication of the quality of services we provide. In fact, we are proud to say that all our clients are repeat clients and continue to direct greater and greater volumes of business to our facilities.


QSI services the needs of both regional and national carriers on an ongoing basis. Because of this, QSI has developed a successful method of communication between our facility director, and his staff, with our clients which has given our clients the benefit of more efficient OS&D handling and greater returns on OS&D merchandise.


QSI provides our clients with a competitive rate for services that maximizes the profits of our clients. In fact, our clients have found our rates and our returns to be highly rewarding.


QSI prides itself in its ability to solve today's issues while working to solve tomorrow's issues through research, development, and creativity. For example, QSI is in the process of developing an internet based inventory management system which will enable our clients and their field personnel the ability to instantaneously review sales revenues, item status, on-hand inventory status, and historical/statistical information in a secure environment. We are working with our clients to develop systems and solutions which yield more efficient and profitable management of their OS&D merchandise. QSI is a flexible and aggressive company when it comes to the needs of our clients because we listen to our clients requests and meet their needs.


QSI has gained, and maintained, a strong and stable position in the industry because we focus on meeting the needs of our clients and maximizing their bottom line